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Let the healing power of horses awaken you


Equine Facilitated Coaching & Experiential Learning Programs


The Women's  Retreats and Workshop Programs are offered at the Ranch, east of Edmonton.  Each different session combines Nature & Horse to promote Mind ~ Body ~ Emotional ~ Spiritual connection.  Nature provides the perfect opportunity to make us aware of how we feel and Horses teach us presence, authenticity, trust and belonging.


Come and experience Awareness through Horse Wisdom at a Healing With Horse Session!

~ Welcome ~

Maggie is a Registered Nurse and Certified Equine Facilitated Learning Coach with a lifetime of experience with Horses and Nature.  She was born and raised a Park Warden's daughter and granddaughter in the backcountry of Jasper National Park.  As she rode the mountain trails in the serene wilderness the energies and rhythms of horse and nature were instilled into her being.  Maggie's lifelong passion for horses, nature and healing was the beginning of her journey to create a Healing Sanctuary  with Horses and Nature so she could share this beautiful spiritual energy for others to experience.  Her Equine Soul Talk Coaching, Retreats, Programs and Sessions reflect these healing energies and invite you to be awakened through the healing power of horse. 

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~ Maggie & Christy sitting in the energies of an Alberta Wild Horse Herd ~

~ How will you benefit ~

~  assists in your personal growth

~  learn to become "horse like" and experience profound awakening of being in the present moment

~ embrace the unknown with gentleness and compassion

~ experience coming back to centre and balance within yourself 

~ deepen your connection with horse and nature

~ experience a heart-felt bond as you communicate with horse

~ awaken your intuition as horse teaches you to trust your truth

~ experience the transformative effects of "awe" while being in the presence of horse & nature

~ learn flexibility as you tune into your horse's language to build trust-based relationships 

~ let Horse as Teacher assist you to  experience & connect with your inner state of calm allowing greater clarity



Imagine for a moment stepping out of your car at the ranch, smelling the freshness in the air, hearing the birds, sensing the curiosity of the horse herds eyes as they invite you to connect with their energy, their warmth, their breath and their comforting smell.  Feel their soft muzzle as you extend a hand and they invite you to journey inward.  They tell you "we are here, we are your teachers, we will assist you to find your wisdom, your truth, as you journey to discover the infinite possibilities of just ~ being ~.  Come join us, we are waiting for you!" 



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~ Horse Teachers inviting you to the Ranch ~

~ Meet your Transformational Teachers ~

Birdie ~ holds the matriarchal Grandmother energy ~ she teaches patience, protection, truth and honesty

Silveretta ~ is our expanded high sensitive energy mare ~ she teaches strength, boundaries and independence

Shane ~ he is our strong protective yet gentle gelding ~ he teaches patience, acceptance, gentleness and kindness

Fancy ~ our beautiful angel energy ~ she teaches compassion, gentleness, love, empathy, & non judgemental acceptance

Windy ~ carries gentle daughter energy ~ she teaches connection, vulnerability, forward movement, & the giver of hugs

Belle ~ is our gentle spiritual chakra mare ~ she teaches balance, alignment, patience & stillness

Major ~ is our gentleman gelding ~ he understands trauma and teaches vulnerability, forgiveness, respect & support

Rusty ~ is our practical queen ~ she teaches focus, congruency, boundaries & to truly speak your heart's truth 


The rest of our beautiful amazing herd are sacred space holders  for us during sessions and programs.



~ Events & Sessions ~

~ Re-Awaken You Retreat ~ July 10,11 & 12 ~ honouring & receiving guidance from the Spirit Horse ~ 

~ Open Yourself to the Power of the  Universe ~ August 1,2 & 3 ~ welcome & invite the fullness of your joy with the full   moon ~

~ individual  2- 4 hour self-awareness programs and sessions ~

team building sessions ~

~ energy awareness programs to allow better connection when riding your horse ~

We invite you to contact us directly for individual program & session dates. 


All of our Retreats, Workshops, Programs & Sessions are non-riding and require no horse experience. As you participate and reflect in the experiential hands-on activities you will begin to experience shifts and feel the power of being awakened through sharing space with Horse and Nature


"Look deeper into nature, and then you will understand everything better" Ralph Waldo Emerson









August 14, 15 & 16

All- Inclusive Retreat ~  accommodations, meals, horses & equine facilitated experiential activities ~



Experience the healing and supportive environment of the Ranch as you journey with Horse through the trails of:


  Connection   Community  
Joy/Love   Choice   Trust
  Harmony   Stillness  
Presence   Awareness   Authenticity
  Clarity   Freedom  


Close your eyes for a moment, bringing awareness into your body as you quietly disconnect from the hectic pace of life.  Bring this energy into your heart space and envision a retreat where you can connect and honour "you" as you feel, you respond and you awaken to your "truth, your inner knowing, your intuition".  The place that comes from the stillness of just being.  Re-Awaken your Personal Feminine Power as Horse mirrors your truth gently guiding and providing insights for your awareness.  This awareness is the first step to becoming an observer of your life allowing the opportunity and freedom for making choices to change old repetitive patterns.  Allow the energies of the moon, the horses and nature to expand and raise your consciousness assisting you to move forward in creating and owning your reality.

Are you a woman ready to journey along the trails and teachings of Horse?  We invite you to come and be part of a group of women who are ready to be empowered by exploring, healing and awakening their Personal Power.  Be in Your Personal Feminine Power & Stay True to You!


Please visit the ~ Women's Retreat Tab ~  for complete information and booking details for  the ~ Open Yourself to the Power of the Universe Retreat ~.   Join us for this Empowering & Awakening Experience!